Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Hamilton "Gardens," sunshine & pumpkins

A few weekends ago on Saturday, October 16th, the sun finally decided to grace Hamilton so Sam, Erika & I made an adventure to the city gardens - one of Hamilton's "must-sees." We had a lovely time, frolicking through the park, rolling in the grass, playing some catch, sleeping in the sun and being our silly selves. Unfortunately, seeing as none of us had been there before, it turns out we did not make it into the actual gardens, just the lakeside park near the real entrance. How did all 3 of us miss the sign?! Regardless, we had an excellent time and will simply have to return to see the flowers in all their summer splendor.

Awkward zebra sculpture?:
"That is one confused zebra" - Erika

Sam doing a handstand in honour of Gabe, who was still at the BloKart worlds in Belgium:
The next week (Oct. 18 - 24th) was "study week," meaning no classes and lots of work. As I had no actual exams, I spent the time finishing my 3 large essays, trying to get them all done ahead of time so I could relax and hang out with Gabe when he got back the Monday of the first week of exams. Erika, Sam and I got into a nice routine of early breakfasts, work and movie nights :).

Gabe got back on Monday - Lightweight BloKart World Champ once again!! Erika and Sam still had studying to do, while Gabe and I had several fun days, enjoying the amazing weather, making a spontaneous Raglan beach trip on Tuesday and visiting the Hamilton lake on Wednesday.

Thursday morning the 4 of us made chocolate chip banana pancakes in Gabe's flat, followed by sugar-induced comas for everyone and studying for Gabe and Sam.

Friday Erika and I went shopping in town, Gabe had his first and only exam.

Saturday we continued working on our tans and then had a group pumpkin carving session, in honour of Halloween the following day - aka Erika and I endangered our lives by giving the boys knives. All of these days also included eating sickening amounts of candy corn (thank you Erika's mom!!)

Getting our carve on:
It got a little vicious:
Our lovely creations:
Yeeeyah pumpkins, do they look like us?:

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  1. Nice! Hey those pumpkins do actually look a bit like you.